There is a new feature!

Now it’s possible to specify a method how a title of RSS item should be composed. There are four variants at the moment:

  • Both user’s human and machine name
  • Machine name only
  • Human name only
  • Tweet’s text

Twitter search form example

The first one is how the title is composed by default. You may be interested in the last one, because it makes RSS reading easier. The picture below shows how the RSS is displayed in Feedly reader with the “Title Only” flag enabled.

RSS items example

If you are a web-developer, you may add an additional parameter to an existing RSS URL to change the title composer. The parameter is title-type and its possible values are:

  • user-name-both – both names
  • user-name-screen - user’s machine name
  • user-name-full – user’s human name
  • tweet-text-full – tweet’s text