We are glad to introduce the valuable update. Now your have an ability to raise your account to the “Pro” status. “Pro” users have less limitations on their requests, e.g. cache timeout time, the number of items in the response. We are going to add more features for “Pro” users in the future.

Being a Pro users is a paid feature. We accept payments via Paypal — the most secure and mature payment system in the world. You may cancel the subscription at any time time you want.

To become a Pro user of Queryfeed, you should sign in via Facebook.

Dashboard link

Then press on the button with your name and choose “Dashboard” item in the drop-down. Click on the “Subscribe” button and you will be redirected to the Paypal secure page.

Dashboard link

To see the compare table between usual and Pro accounts, visit the Pricing page.

Still have questions? Contact us! Use the email address from the footer area.

Queryfeed team.