We’ve released the a feature — the new way to search on Twitter. For a long time, we have been using the Twitter APIs to fetch data. There were some strange situations when the RSS was empty, although a user who you are looking for has tweets on their page. The new search engine just grabs Twitter pages, so the result has exactly the same tweets that you see on the Twitter’s web-page.

There are three search patters at the moment: a user-name, a hash-tag and a search term. Let’s see examples:

The old Twitter search is still works, and there aren’t any plans to deprecate it in the future. The new search is also provides more rates for users who have subscribed to “Pro” account. See the Pricing page for details.

We hope the new Twitter search engine would help you to automate your business. If you have any questions, please contact us using the email from the footer area.

Queryfeed team.