Dear customers,

during the last week, there have been troubles fetching Instagram feeds. Many of you have been getting the “Server error” response continuously. We’ve got to explain something.

The reason was, Queryfeed is challenging huge waves of traffic nowadays. That’s all-right for Twitter requests since we’ve already known the way how to parse Twitter. But in Instagram, they are defended with an algorithm that prevents us from serving all your requests by returning errors if we query them too often.

So far, we’ve moved QF onto a new server that is much more powerful than the previous one. We are working on our own smart algorithm to break Instagram’s limitations. From our prospective, the new version of it may start working in production by a week or two.

We really understand that this Instagram outage may make you feel sad or even affect your business. We are really sorry for that and do what we can. Queryfeed becomes the best way for automatic data scrapping, it servers about 10M requests a day. We believe it’s just a temporary issue that will be solved soon.

Please stay with us,
your QF team.