This update brings the authentication feature. Now you can sign into Queryfeed with your Facebook account.

Auth button

Facebook authentication

Please note that you enter your Facebook password on the official Facebook page so we won’t know your password. Queryfeed will know just your basic account fields (name, locale) and your Facebook id (a long number).

You may also uncheck the “email” option in the authentication dialog if you don’t want to share your email. Although the email is not mandatory for Queryfeed, perhaps we might send to you some important information about the service. No spam, we promise. So, it would be great if you let us know your email.

Auth dialog

Remember you may always reject the permissions you have given to Queryfeed for authentication. Just go to Facebook, open the top-right drop-down, click on the “Settings” item. Switch to the “Apps” item in the left menu block. Press the cross button on the “Queryfeed” application.

Auth dialog Auth dialog

(Sorry for so detailed instruction, but personally I used to spend lots of time to manage with Facebook interface.)

Don’t have a Facebook account yet? It takes about five minutes to setup a new one. Also, we are going to ad Twitter and Goggle Plus authentication.

Why to sign in?

Since you have sign in, you may notice that each RSS that you get being registered has a “token” parameter in the URL. That token is connected with your account and helps us to determine that this query was created by you. At the moment, there aren’t’ any differences between queries with token and without it. But in the future there might be commercial accounts with some perks. In this case, if you by a commercial subscription, we could automatically detect you queries by token and process it in a special way.

We hope, you’ll enjoy this update. Please contact us if you gave any problems.

Queryfeed team.